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Clever Tonies Set: Cool Jobs

Had SUCH a blast writing and producing this series of career focused tonies® with the incredible team over at Tumble Media! So grateful for Tumble’s leadership, musical prowess and fun and funny brainstorming meetings, it was a pleasure from start to finish! If you are a tonies® USA household please check out this new series, and tell us what career paths you think we should be focused on next! Find out more and listen to a sample here.

“Meet Dariana, a curious kid who wants to know what the future holds for her: Where will she work? What kinds of jobs are out there? How do you learn about what these jobs are? In this exciting series, curious kids get answers to all of these questions! Take a cosmic journey through the history of rocket science, get to know pizza in all its flavors, join Dr. Jackie on a day as a doctor, and learn all about the amazing world of wildlife photography. With a mix of history, fun facts and real interviews, this Clever Tonies set is a compact guide for all little job seekers. Engaging, entertaining and educational - learning has never been more fun!”


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