I am an audio producer and children’s media writer. I'm also a professional nice guy. I've made it a career goal to spread niceness by emphasizing emotional intelligence, acceptance and kindness in the writing I do. I like to say that I'm not book-smart or street-smart, but I am heart-smart. I have experience writing, assembling and editing children’s audio and youth fiction, including sound design and rough mixing. I'm a trained field reporter, tape sync and interview editor. 

I love this work and will continue creating inclusive, positive, and kind children’s media with all the energy I’ve got.  I am thankful to have found my way into audio and children’s podcasting because it is a use of the skills I’ve been developing in different areas throughout my life. Through studying theatre I learned how to tell a story, and work with a group of creative people doing different things toward a common goal. I also learned how to teach myself by saying yes to every opportunity and always finding a way to deliver. I learned how rewarding working with children can be through my time at the NYC Parks Department teaching storytelling and video classes across the boroughs. I’ve also learned how important inclusion and representation can be through my work on Girl Tales, a feminist fairytale podcast made so that every type of girl can hear themselves at the center of a fairytale. 

Inclusion and representation are two guiding principals in the work that I do. I am queer, and was once asked who my gay idols were growing up. I had none, and not seeing or hearing from anyone who was like me had a huge impact on the decisions I made about myself for years to come. Providing opportunity for every child to see themselves in the media they consume is a major driving factor that motivates and inspires me. 

I'm also, just like, very punny.