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How I got started!

Co-Founder + Producer, Girl Tales


I learned how to record, edit and publish 30 minute feminist fairytales by helping Rebecca Cunningham start Girl Tales in 2017. (We're still releasing episodes today, so check us out on!)

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Then, an internship!

I was able to learn how to write, produce and manage everything that goes into a twice daily podcast with Gimlet Media. I ended the internship having written and produced 6 full weeks of content, started a social media strategy and designed and implemented YouTube distribution. I continue to work for Chompers, managing their current syndication.

Time to put it all to the test.

Next up was developing a brand new podcast with America's Test Kitchen. I was hired as writer and producer, and worked with their Kids team to build a brand new show called Mystery Recipe from the ground up.


During my three years at America's Test Kitchen Kids, I produced 6 seasons of Mystery Recipe, with 2.7 million lifetime downloads. We were Webby Award Honorees for Best Podcast Writing and Best Individual Episode - Kids and Family, among others.




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CONTACT me if you need help producing, writing,  or developing your children's podcast. 

LISTEN TO and READ samples of my work here.

DOWNLOAD my resume, hang it all over town, give it your friends and neighbors.


You can find my work here among other places:


Here are some sound design and engineering samples!  

Sound Design ReelChad Chenail
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And... I wrote a book! 

Mitsy is a young oven mitt who grew up in Mitt City. She's accepted into Miss Copperpot's Academy for Useful Utensils, the magical boarding school where kitchen utensils go to learn how to assist in cooking! She's nervous to leave her home and meet other heat-proof utensils, and she's especially nervous about having to use an oven. Oh, did I forget to mention? This oven mitt is terrified of ovens! Help Mitsy calm her nerves and learn how to be brave, with 

Mitsy the Oven Mitt Goes to School, A Story About Being Brave.

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