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Ghost Tour: Walter Rhodes - Cordelia Studios and Princess Grandpa Productions

I had an excellently spooky time doing sound design and engineering on this new podcast from Cordelia Studios and Princess Grandpa, recommended for kids 9 & up!

In this pilot episode of Ghost Tour, meet 15-year-olds Vern and Lee as they lead a ghost tour in Jepson, North Carolina, and meet their first real-life ghost.

GHOST TOUR is the spooky storytelling of Are You Afraid of the Dark? meets the wacky comedy of the television show Ghosts meets the sweet queer friendship of Heartstopper.

Set today in the invented Southern town of Jepson, North Carolina – widely known as one of the most haunted cities in America – GHOST TOUR follows an unlikely pair of teenagers that turn their local ghost tour company upside down by uncovering ghoulish secrets of Jepson's past.

In each half-hour episode, our protagonists, 15-year-old polar opposites Lee and Vern, will meet a wild array of ghosts from various backgrounds and experiences, revealing hard truths about their hometown and, in turn, themselves.

​​Throughout the course of the ten-episode first season, these two strong personalities challenge each other time and again as they navigate ghostly hijinks, fierce ghost tour competition, summer romance, and, ultimately, get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of their ghost tour company's founder, Dr. JJ...

You can donate to help fund season 1 now! Check out their fundraising page here.

Writer: C. Quintana

Voice Over Artists: Darrell Brown, Whitney Dorr, Triya Leong, Imani Russell, David Shatraw, and Maura Vincent

Producer: Chad Chenail

Executive Producer and Showrunner: Rebecca Cunningham


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